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Make the Shape

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Form groups of 4

Duration: 10 minutes


  • Group building & cooperation

  • Early in the semester

  • Creating energy & fun

  • Encouraging & rewarding spontaneity & creativity

Teacher Says:


Tell them you are looking for the fastest & most creative solutions.

Teacher calls out one prompt at a time and side-coaches as teams race to form the announced shape. Teacher asks all to freeze and hold while he/she walks the room and examines each team’s solution.

Teacher calls out:

  • A box

  • A pair of glasses

  • Flowers in a vase

  • Eggs on toast

  • A giant’s nose

  • A person in a rocking chair

  • A laptop and mouse

  • High heel shoes

  • The Sydney Opera House

  • A pair of scissors which open & close

  • A toilet which flushes

  • A giant’s heart – beating

  • A giant button and button-hole – it has to work!

  • A jug pouring water – we need to see the water pouring!


Watch, encourage speed, stillness when complete. Walk around and judge. If a group has an impressive solution, ask rest of class to have a quick look.


  1. Clearly these develop from very simple to ridiculously complicated.

  2. Build the fun by insisting on fast results and by sharing around your praise of different groups.

  3. You want to see which group can be fastest to co-operate and solve. But also need to delight in those groups with unexpected and impressive solutions.

DRAMA ex Make the Shape
Download PDF • 268KB

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