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TOOLS FOR SUCCESS: Ten Rules for Writing

The best advice for growing writers.

Pin this up in your child's field of vision. Encourage them to explore and experiment. All successful writers have their unsuccessful experiments.

Writers work like sculptors, not bricklayers.


1. If you write every day, you get better at writing every day.

2. If it’s boring you, it is boring your reader.

3. Find out where and when you write best.

4. Resist stereotypes. Resist cliché. Get real. Real is interesting.

5. Good writers read. They read lots. They read every day.

6. Keep lists. Of favourite words, quirky things you overhear, unusual things you see or think.

7. Always get your thoughts and feelings down quickly. You can sort and edit them later.

8. Go for walks. Stop and inspect things. Taste something new. Write about it.

9. Experiment with writing styles. Try something new.

10. Surprise your readers. Make us think of something new or in a new way.

10 rules for writing
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