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The one thing that makes the most difference in education is YOU.

Technology helps. Materials help. But all of us remember those  teachers that made a difference.

We are passionate about putting the ideas, the tools, the understanding and the resources into your hands so that you can engage curiosity, build confidence and inspire a love of learning. 



 "snap-tute makes so much sense.
 I wish I'd read this years ago." 

 Jane T. 



about snap-tute

Snap-tute is a revolutionary teaching platform for parents & teachers of teenagers.

Designed by teachers with over 30 years of classroom & tutoring experience, snap-tute provides parents & teachers with the tools, strategies, resources and ideas to guide and

inspire young adults, at home, school and in life.

Parents & Teachers have never been more important in the education of young people.


Schools are failing students. Millions of parents are taking back control.

Because while students can access overwhelming amounts of information, they desperately need structure, guidance and above all, inspiration.

At snap-tute, we know that parents want to be empowered

and there are still teachers who want to make a difference.

Here are the tools and the resources you need.  

We're excited to share this revolutionary teaching platform with you.

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Engage your Children

Discover practical learning aids that assist you with supporting your child's learning, enjoyment & development.

Young Teacher

Inspire your students

Proven and effective teaching strategies & advice to inspire young teachers and reinvigorate experienced professionals.

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